Alexander is founder and entrepreneur in eCommerce, mobile and retail technology since 2001.

Alexander Ringsdorff portrait 2017

Alexander became entrepreneur and founder after convincing the guardians’ court at the age of 16 in his hometown Hannover, Germany. In 2003 he built and launched a SMS payment system called CreditSMS, acquired by a t-mobile subsidiary. 2007 his eCommerce agency Visions took care of the first merchants launching on Google Checkout in the UK. Specialized in Magento his 40 employee Agency became part of the SinnerSchrader / Accenture group in 2011. Following this Alexander was in charge of launching the Rakuten Checkout system. After heading digital product management and strategy at Libri, Alexander founded CouchCommerce early 2012 to guide online shops into the Post PC commerce age and to unify their commerce experience with the help of a mobile-first eCommerce platform. In May 2015 CouchCommerce was acquired by Stephan Schambach with the goal to join forces with Alexander to co-found NewStore Inc. The entire CouchCommerce team joined NewStore from day one. As Vice President of Corporate Development at NewStore in Boston, Alexander is heading strategic alliances, technology partnerships, investor relations, identifying and acquiring companies (M&A) as well as developing and leading market strategies that position the company to achieve long-term growth. In 2018 Alexander co-foundedVentureVilla Inc. and joined as mentor to help German startup entrepreneurs build successful US companies.

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NewStore 5 minutes pitch at the L2 mobile event April 2016 in New York.

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CouchCommerce Pitch Video K5 Konferenz 2014

Willkommen bei CouchCommerce!

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