This Week in eCommerce

In this weeks episode Alex and Kai talk about the Brexit (aka the UK leaves the European Union) and the impact that can have on the ecommerce world. Also Oaklab made it to the news – the company behind the Magic Mirror from Rebecca Minkoff and Ralph Lauren flagship stores. And finally we discuss if the self checkout approach of Zara is likely to be successful.

Brexit and ecommerce

What would Brexit mean for the UK’s ecommerce economy? –

Brexit’s Implications for the Digital Economy –

Wie der Brexit den Onlinehandel gefährdet – (German)

Schockstarre oder Chance? Der E-Commerce nach dem Brexit – (German)

OAK Labs Magic Mirror @ Rebecca Minkoff and Ralph Lauren

Inside LA’s new, futuristic store — magic mirrors included –

Rebecca Minkoff’s Store Of The Future Will Blow Your Mind –

Ralph Lauren, Oak Labs Debut Interactive Fitting Rooms –

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