This Week in eCommerce

In this weeks episode Alex and Kai talk about the new delivery world for ecommerce – drones and droids. As the first companies are going into real world test runs, these options become more and more interesting for merchants. We take a deep dive and discuss what’s happening right now and how the future might look like.

Drones vs. Droids

Droids Not Drones Are the Future of E-Commerce Deliveries –

Domino’s is now testing a drone delivery program that drops pizza from the heavens –

Domino’s introduces ‘Dom the Pizza Bot’ for Facebook Messenger –

Amazon plans to start Drone Deliveries within 5 years “Somewhere in the World” –

Why We’re Still a Long Way Away From Drone Delivery for E-Commerce –

The Economics of Drone Delivery –

See the Flirtey Drone in action –

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